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Weeknote 0001 for 2022 07 11

Hello and welcome to our community Weeknotes. Anthropogenic's weekly letter summarizing what our team has been reading, watching, and learning about as we build products focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to keep up to date with future weeknotes please be sure to subscribe.

Weeknotes 0001

This weeks CO₂  is 419.13 PPM and last year this time it was 417.31 PPM

🗞 News

What is our team working on behind the scenes and in public.

Earth API

Screenshot of EarthAPI interface the Worlds first REST API for Greenhouse Gas Emission Data. (We Googled it)

Everything humans do affects the ecosystems around us. And with many of the earth's life support systems at tipping points, there is a need for greater accessibility and modernization of how we use climate data and what we are building and researching. Earth API creates more accessibility to earth science data.

Origin Stories: A Climate Company Born From Fire.

Two blue kayaks floating on a clear, still lake overlooking mountains.

Jason kicked off our Origin Stories Series with, A Climate Company Born From Fire. Where we learn why he was compelled to start Anthropogenic and how he thinks our approach places us in a unique place for impact.

Our Blog

Screeshot of this blog, which we just launched this last month

We also started our blog this week! You can now subscribe to keep up with Anthropogenic, our products, and updates from the team.

From our community Discord and Team Slack here are some highlights from the week.

🎩 Hat tip

Some things from around the internet inspire us to do better work.

  • Berg London for inspiring us to start our own weeknotes
  • oio studio for creating a well sources community newsletter

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