Weeknote → 0004

Weeknote for 2022/08/08

Hello and welcome to our community Weeknotes. Anthropogenic's weekly letter summarizing what our team has been reading, watching, and learning about as we build products focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to keep up to date with future weeknotes please be sure to subscribe.

Weeknotes → 0004

🗞 News

What is our team working on behind the scenes and in public.

New Earth API Data

Earth API has some new data sets this week, with more coming later this month. We now support all Green House Gas data collected by NASA and are working on adding more ocean data over the next two weeks. Here is an overview of what’s new!

CH₄ → Monthly Data

N₂0 → Monthly Data, Yearly Data

CO₂→  Weekly Data, Monthly Data, Yearly Data

S₆F →  Monthly Data, Yearly Data

If you want to follow Earth API more closely you can update your subscription preferences here.

New Status Pages for Anthropogenic and Earth API

We have new monitoring pages to track when our site and APIs are down. You can ensure everything is up and running at status.anthropogenic.com or status.hge.earth.

From our community Discord and Team Slack here are some highlights from the week.

🎩 Hat tip

Some things from around the internet inspire us to do better work.

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